Como vai, Forasteiro!?

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Alpha Testo Boost Therefore, be patient. In human relationships and mainly in the couple, it is not about who wins or who loses, because in a relationship of power struggle in the end, almost always both lose, that is why we have to understand human nature and in this case , understanding the nature of your man and knowing how to listen to a man is vital for women, not to grant everything, but to know what happens in his head before the different stimuli and of course, the best thing would be for men to have a guide and that they could understand our nature, know what happens inside our minds, not to give us pleasure in everything, but to be able to converge and have a full life together. Knowing how to listen to a man will help you in understanding differences with your partner, there is the opening of our minds to more possibilities, we open our ability to live, experience and enjoy ourselves with respect to the space and thought of the other. It is important to know how to listen to a man remember that men make supernatural efforts to talk about their feelings (not part of their nature), they also have difficulties doing two things at the same time. If both factors are mixed, it is remarkable why they need to be heard without interrupting them. To tell the truth, it is not so relevant how much a woman wants to complement the phrase that her man is saying, let it end, listen to it, maybe you are sure even what it will say, but controlling yourself is the best option. If a man decides to pause while he speaks, he must be given the freedom and time he needs. To know how to listen to a man you must be patient. There is nothing that upsets a man more than feeling that they do not understand him, he empathizes with him, so when a woman shows him that he does so through visual cues or gestures, the man will feel more confident talking. It is essential that physical contact helps connect couples in every possible way, it is advisable to take it by the hand while speaking suggesting that enough attention is being paid.

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