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Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a great pass rusher

Even if those pass rushers will be chasing his own quarterback.For the third straight year Ben Powers Jersey , Miller has convened other defenders for a pass-rushing summit. They met at UNLV for film study and on-field work.“It’s a place where we can link and learn,�? Miller said to others who attended, via Jon Heath of . “It’s not a teaching clinic, where I get up here and teach. I just show you what makes me good, and likewise you show me what makes you guys great — what made DeMarcus [Ware] great — and if we can apply that to our game, we do. If we can’t , we can’t. But I’m positive that, [while] we’ve got all these guys here in one spot, we’ll be able to learn something.”The learning came in part from former NFL and CFL quarterback Doug Flutie.“I want that perspective — I want to know what the quarterback is thinking,�? Miller said. “I want to know the difference between two hard counts and going fast or throwing the ball quick . . . . I want to get that perspective.”Flutie among other things urged pass rushers to take chances when it comes to predicting the snap count.“Bruce [Smith] didn’t care because he’d get an offside or two a game, but he didn’t care because the big plays he made on the sack, a strip or a turnover Trace McSorley Jersey , it would [make up for] that five-yard penalty you get on occasion,�? Flutie explained.Flutie had a fairly low-tech bit of advice for pass rushers: Feel free to ask the offensive linemen what the snap count is.“Somebody will tell you because those guys are so stupid that they always ask [each other],” Flutie said.Basically, if they hear someone asking the snap count, they’ll assume it’s a confused teammate not a curious defender. So smarten up, offensive linemen Ed Oliver Jersey , and pay attention in the huddle. And if you think that it’s a teammate asking you when the ball will be snapped, think twice.It’s definitely a lesson that should be heeded by Denver’s offensive linemen, given that Miller has facilitated the ability of all defensive linemen to crack the not-that-secretly-guarded code on when the play will begin. The Vikings had an unexpected name on their first injury report of the 2019 season.Reports from the open portion of Wednesday’s practice noted that wide receiver Stefon Diggs was the only player not in uniform for practice. An explanation for that had to wait until the report was released later in the day.Once it came, we learned that a hamstring injury was the reason why Diggs didn’t join his teammates on the field. Thursday’s practice will bring the next chance to check in on Diggs’s status and another day off will raise greater concerns that he could be in danger missing Sunday’s game against the Falcons.Cornerback Mike Hughes was a limited participant in practice as he continues to make his way back from last year’s torn ACL. Defensive end Everson Griffen (elbow), tackle Brian O'Neill (elbow) and defensive tackle Linval Joseph (shoulder) were all full participants for the Vikings.

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