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ntence in my heart

Our lives are shrouded in splendid sunshine, and the sun is accompanied by our growth, but it is inevitable that there will be dark clouds. When we are covered in dark clouds, we will meet some uninvited guests - troubles. Elementary school life passed away, and as I grew up, I entered the middle school. While facing new things, I also face a lot of troubles. The subjects in junior high school have increased, the problems are difficult, the competitiveness is great, the pressure is also great... I have no time to accept all of this, and I ushered in my roadblock - the first monthly exam [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. I was shocked by this achievement. I clearly understood my current situation. Yes, this is not an elementary school. How can it be so easy to take a good position? There are so many people who are stronger than themselves. And I only took the 20th place. This time gave me a horse, my self-satisfaction was taken away, and I was depressed. "What do mom think? She will definitely criticize me for a meal?" I kept reading this sentence in my heart [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url]. I have a sullen face for a week. The hourglass of time keeps turning, I can't stop it. The "terrible" Friday has arrived, and I suddenly feel like I don't want to go home. If it is normal, I have already blossomed, go home, how good the day. But now I can't smile at all. "Hey, why do people have so many troubles?" I was helpless in my heart and sighed home, I was fidgety, this long journey was really a torment for me. The car arrived, I got out of the car stiffly, standing at the intersection where people came to the car, I suddenly felt the road ahead, I lost the sense of direction in the blur, I want to go, but the legs are filled Lead, can't lift up. Cruel reality, poor me, unconsciously, has come to the door of the house, I gently opened the door, crept into the living room, but found that my mother has sat on the sofa to meet my "great defeat." I nervously twisted my clothes and thought: "I died before I die. I am smashing now, I will open my eyes tomorrow, or a 'good man'!" So I went to the scalp, and the face-to-face was the number of faces. Until I was drowned by the sputum, my mother closed her mouth, followed by a prohibition, prohibiting playing computer and watching TV for more than 2 hours a day! God, it is more uncomfortable than hitting me. I have to know that I have always followed the law of "sit is one afternoon", how can I change it! I feel that my nose is sour, and my tears will not fall out of hope. I ran to the room and vented, tears dribbled on the pillow, and a circle of laps... It��s really "less strong, not working hard [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], going home and squatting". When our life is covered with dark clouds, it will When you meet a lot of troubles, people will not always be smooth sailing. But I believe that after the dark clouds, it is still a clear sky!
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