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What is the me

What is the meaning of this sentence in the phrase "I am not surprised, I am not surprised". I understand it as the wonderful life brings to you. Now in the cool autumn holiday, the students are playing games at home, and I am out of the fish. Originally, I just didn't want to come out Marlboro Red, let alone the process is very boring, how to miss my game, every game will bring you endless aftertaste, it is fascinating. When I arrived at the small pond where the fish fell, I still tried to persuade my father to go home, but my father couldn��t help but eat it. "Come, hold." The father took out a fish from the bag and handed it to me. I didn't care about the fish. I didn't look at it. I fell off directly. I didn't pay attention to the hook. Dad came over and handed me a good fish. He asked, "What do you want? How can you not even have a hook?" I was shocked to say that I was familiar with the posture of the rod. "Really? Nothing?" Dad asked. "Really not." I pretended. The buoy is moving secretly. I didn't pay attention. I looked at the chicken and duck of the farmer's house. I thought it would be better for the animals Marlboro Cigarettes. Free yourself every day. Suddenly, I slammed my fishing rod out of my hand. Fortunately, my eyes caught it quickly. It is a big fish! I shouted. "Me too." At this time, I noticed that the father's hand was dragged into a crescent shape. I smiled bitterly, what should I do? My heart was shocked and happy, and there was a shadow that was impatient before. Finally, my hand slipped, my throat went off, and the fish swam with the donkey! But I immediately reflected it, didn't take care of my pole, but quickly picked up the fish net to the side and went to my father to prepare to help the father to fish the fish together. But the fish is too "obedient" to break the hole in the fish net, but after I "superb" the net fish technology still got it. Then what happened to my rod, my father immediately found a boat, and decided to take it and take a look at it, and then see if I could have good luck to get my fish. The boat slowly slid over, the fish rafts were still floating on it, and the father slowly picked up the cockroaches, but not much could not get up, the fish still above! The father changed his position and lifted the line of fish. The fish was stirred up in the water, and the boat almost turned over. My heart mentioned the eyes of the blind, and finally the fish was on the boat. To go home, one name, two fish a total of twelve pounds! The mood of falling fish this afternoon has been echoing in my heart for a long time Newport Cigarettes Coupons, that is, life gives you a surprise that is not interesting, more interesting than the game. Still life makes me fascinated. [Second 2] The quiet years slowly flow, lingering in the light and shadow of the shallow years, the sun is kissing, the cheeks are shining through the autumn, it is a fan. This is a long and deep alley, by the city. The tall buildings are oppressive and therefore look even more eye-catching. The world outside the alley seems to stay in the midsummer. The sunlight reflected by the glass window is a bit dazzling. From time to time, there are young people wearing short sleeves, riding a booming motorcycle flashing, smashing a bunch of turbid gray smoke, it seems to be the sky. Also dyed gray blue. The alleys are isolated from the secular red dust. There are high walls on both sides. The wall is hung with white stalks. It is
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