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mottled white

mottled white. Occasionally, a green branch with light yellow flowers is found in the courtyard. With a beautiful floral bouquet. Shizi Road went wider and wider, and turned to a courtyard where the plaque said "Mu Tea." The maple tree in the yard, the tip of the leaf has been dyed into plain red by the autumn light, and there is a bamboo forest at the corner. It is still lush, two or three people, standing or sitting, holding a cup of tea in their hands, a touch of musk In the arms. There are many leaves in the palm court, and I know that it is autumn. "Children, do you come to tea?" The old voice rang behind her. She wore a pair of smocked tops. A pair of elegant black round-toed shoes were exposed from the navy blue pants, warming the city, and her silver. The hair is dyed golden Cheap Cigarettes, a silver-rimmed frame, and a pair of micro-closed eyes are no longer clear, the corners of the eyes, the traces of time gathering. "Children are not suitable for Taisu's flower tea! Roselle, okay?" She smiled softly, her eyes narrower, and the orange cat gave me a lazy waist and jumped into the corner. Under the charming figure. This is a set of antique tea sets, the faint cyan seems to have temperature, reflecting the faint brilliance. I saw her wash her hands, carefully hold up the small pot, spin the wrist slightly, a small stream of water poured out from the mouth, into the cup, then turn the cup flexibly, pour the water, then inject a large cup, then immediately Take out a roselle and gently pour in it Her fingertips have a rough old man, but they can't hinder the action. The simple set of actions has an ancient rhyme, which is fascinating. The roselle is soaked in the water, and the color draws out the tangled silk, gradually becoming a glamorous red, with a bit of silence, like a glamorous woman in the deep palace smearing a rouge on the mirror Marlboro Gold, between the eyebrows, It is a faint silence. The open flower bone, the tip of the petal is a translucent powder, which changes from the outside to the inside to a deep rose red. It is like a small jellyfish, opening the tentacles, and trying to give the world a big warm hug. The warmest and most fascinating moment in life seems to be concentrated in a cup of flower tea. The sun is swallowed up. "The old man", a touch of heart in his heart, "Why did you find such a place?" "The world outside is too noisy." She turned back, smiling, smiled in the bright sunshine, I have never seen The warmth. Is there such a person in life, as she is, in this chaotic city, the most charming warmth. In this simple and quiet day, have you ever pursued the warmth of life, and tried hard to see the most fascinating scenery from the window of life? [Chapter 3] The quiet years are slowly flowing, and in the light and shadow of the shallow years, the sun is kissing, and the cheeks are slightly brighter than the autumn, which is very charming. This is a long, deep alley, oppressed by the tall buildings of the city, so it seems even more inconspicuous. The world outside the alley seems to stay in the midsummer. The sunlight reflected by the glass window is a bit dazzling. From time to time, there are young people wearing short sleeves, riding a booming motorcycle flashing, smashing a bunch of turbid gray smoke, it seems to be the sky. Also dyed gray blue. The alleys are isolated from the secular red dust. There are high walls on both sides. The wall is hung with white stalks. It is mottled white. Occasionally, a green branch with light yellow flowers is found in t
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