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When I mentioned the magnitude 8 earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, I couldn��t help but shock my heart. I looked at the picture on TV, especially the tragic picture of people buried in the ruins. The fear and fear in the eyes. A lively life has no life at all, and there are all kinds of people in various industries. The life of man is small in the face of nature. It is as small as a bug that only has no right to control his own life. No matter who, during his lifetime, he has the right to be powerful Wholesale Cigarettes, rich or ordinary, and all in front of the god of death is insignificant! No one can escape the call of death, the Buddha has a cloud: all beings are equal! Yes, all beings are experiencing life and death! In the cries of the children��s panic, the voice of the old man��s heartbreaking calls to the children, the voice of the husband or wife who is helpless to find a partner, we know the fragility of life! A blow, an accident, a can of milk powder, a duck egg is enough to break the fragile life! It is unforgettable to mention the 5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, but how can the Tangshan earthquake of magnitude 7.8 be forgotten? It��s really a listener who mentions the dead and tears! People who have experienced the Tangshan earthquake are still worried, but the 5.12 earthquake is sad! Listen to the child��s panic! Listen to the angry voice of the dead person from the heart, listen to the wind and the rain! Listen, China is crying, see, the sky is also crying, for those who can't keep it! The faint scene of this day reminds people of Guo Moruo��s verse: Open, open, and open the darkness that is stronger than iron! Although you lick it like drowning, you take it away, and it closes again, but at least you can make that light a temporary moment. Oh, how brilliant, how dazzling light! Is the darkness unwilling people? Not willing to be slaughtered? Is it the child's disappointment to the parents, the parents to the children, the husband to the wife or the wife to the husband? That one by one, one after another, woven into a piece of love, remember the slogan? Let the dead rest in peace, the living is strong, but the living is stronger and the greatness is useless in nature. People will once again realize the fragility of life! In a story, he said: A very poor person, he has no wife and children, only a firewood axe and a straw house. He goes up the mountain every day to cut wood and then sell it to the market, year after year, day after day. One day, the man from old to old, one day, he cut a load of firewood, but hungry and thirsty, he thought of death! So he called: "Death, Death, where are you?" The god of death heard his call and said, "Does the old man need me to help?" The old man said with a smile: "Nothing big Marlboro Cigarettes, just my back." Some uncomfortable calls you out to help me look at it!" After the death curse snorted, he left, and the old man began his work of cutting wood every day, year after day! This story tells us that life is only once, no one will give it up easily, but also tell us that life is so fragile, we must cherish it in the face of nature as small as the life of an ant needs to remember: the beginning of the arrogant material of the iron hoof Next, the end of the embrace of the deadly death! Everyone's life will definitely die, and walk into the embrace of death! Life is so beautiful, most of the ancient emperors want to live forever! But life is something that cannot be chosen. No one can choose when or when he will die! So we must cherish it, love it, work hard to protect it, ask all people, life is cherish life! Because life is so fragile! Every 8 seconds on earth, one person will die, let alone animals, plants or other creatures with life! Don't let this life on earth not be alive. Cherish life from now on! Think about it, how many people are dead! Fortunately, I am still alive! Still having a strong, fragile life is bitter and sweet! It��s tears and laughs! In the world, the most precious thing is life. In the May 12th earthquake Newport 100S, the group of ordinary teachers had set their lives at a critical moment. The group of ordinary teachers deeply touched me! Triggered my earthquake in the heart! love your life! Health lasts forever! Whenever you encounter any difficulties, don't give up, learn to cherish your own life. We cherish ourselves and don't forget that others' right to life and health should also be respected!
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