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the first time I went

When I took off my red scarf and put on the emblem, I silently announced in my heart: I am no longer a child! When I got home, my mom and dad looked at me and said cheerfully: "It��s really fascinating to wear the emblem!" I said with a smile: "No, because I have grown up, it is no longer a child in your eyes." "Mom looked at me and smiled and said, "How old are you? Not a child, look at the mirror yourself." I did not convinced to take a photo. Do not blame my mother, my face is still the baby face, no adult appearance. I am very unconvinced in my heart, "I must do something for you to see!" I swear by myself. It was time to go home from school the next afternoon. I saw a grandfather in the cart. It was very laborious. I felt that I should go to help. I ran up and said, "Grandpa, let me help you!" I looked at the old man's gratified smile, and I smiled. I sent my grandfather to the crossroads. I carried my schoolbag and went home. I thought, this time, what I am doing should prove that I grew up. When I got home Carton Of Cigarettes, I told my mother what happened today, and my thoughts. After listening, my mother said plainly: "This little thing is not worth mentioning. If you only want to be an adult, it is impossible to become an adult. Although you have done something helpful today, you can only prove that you are growing up and understand the affection between people." After listening to my mother's words, I feel that I know a lot from it, and I know what it means to grow up. I also feel that I am growing up At the age of eleven, Galen English School organized us to go to Beijing to participate in summer camps. On the way, our group of girls was spit out because of motion sickness. At that time, the teacher went to organize other classmates. As a team leader, I thought: I should take responsibility for taking care of my classmates. So, I took out the handkerchief from the bag, wiped her clothes, took care of her carefully, and gave her a motion sickness medicine. Under my care, she got better. On the road, as long as teachers and classmates need help, I will take the initiative to help them. I feel that helping others is not only happy, but also very happy in my heart, because helping others is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. After the four-day trip, the first time I went out alone Parliament Cigarettes, when I returned home, my mother took my backpack and touched my head and said, "Jian Wen really grew up." Later I realized that my mother already I learned about my trip to Beijing from my teacher. After listening to my mother��s praise, I was embarrassed. Since then, I have been doing everything seriously every day because I feel that I have grown up.
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