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with my cousin at a n

Every little thing in life is like a breeze, wrinkling a pool of water, and a faint whirlwind in my heart. I ate dinner that night and played with my cousin at a nearby stadium. Coincidentally, a few good friends were also there, so I threw the ball away with joy and joined them cheerfully. It ��s a pity that Tiangong is not beautiful, and after a while, it started to rain lightly. I was about to go home. My cousin reminded me: "I didn't get the ball Newport Cigarettes." I was shocked. My friend checked if he got the wrong ball, but it wasn't mine. I was very anxious, but helpless, and looked around the court again. Basketball was still missing. At this time, the rain was gradually falling, and the rain hit the ground. The formed small puddles are faint and faint. It was getting darker, and thunder came from time to time. I had to go home again. I had to look at the stadium reluctantly and turned to leave with my cousin Carton Of Cigarettes. On the way home, I told my father in distress that he was entertaining outside, listened to my experience, and comforted me. I did n��t give up, let him go to the court and then help me find it. I did n��t have much hope for it. Maybe the ball was mistakenly taken away by a stranger on the court. How can I find it? When I got home, I fell into bed early, unhappy. The next morning, I woke up until three shots in the sun. When I rubbed my sleepy eyes into the living room, the sun was shining through the window, sprinkled with gold, and I was still wondering whether I was going to find a ball. Suddenly, I saw a muddy thing in front of the door shining brightly. I rushed to see it, wasn't this the ball I lost! I ca n��t believe my eyes, but it ��s there. It ��s just fine, but it ��s just covered with a layer of wet mud. I washed it and put it on the balcony to dry. The heartbeat ca n��t be calm for a long time. Surprise went wild. Calm down, I can't help but imagine the picture of my dad looking for a ball for me in the rain last night: In the rain curtain, a middle-aged man holding an umbrella and turning on the mobile phone's lighting function, carefully searching every corner of the stadium In the end, it took a lot of hard work to find his father's love in the grass in a place, which means that it is hidden deeply, but often inadvertently, revealed through small things, and a faint cloud in your heart.
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