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heart; Love is the most

Question Remember what is love? Love is the first spring breeze, which easily dissolves the loneliness and sorrow in the heart; Love is the most recent clear spring, which nourishes the heart-strength field that cannot be comforted; Love is the beacon in the dark, which guides the direction of the journey so ordinary and precious love Where is love, beside me? When the early morning sun slipped onto my bed, I couldn't bear to leave the warm big bed, stretched my waist, and saw the folded clothes on the bedside, and smiled ---- Grandma did everything right away, then Get up and go downstairs. Seeing a smile in her eyes Newport Cigarettes Coupons, she stirred a bowl of porridge carefully. For a moment, I woke up to my feet and walked behind my grandma, and quickly covered my grandmother's eyes. I asked in a strange tone: "Bold, who are you and what are you doing?" Don't make a noise, obediently, it's getting late. "I immediately slipped my lips and drew back my hands. Inadvertently, seeing the gray hair of Grandma, the weathered hands and the undeniable love in those turbid eyes, I couldn't help rippling ripples in my heart, and after eating porridge quickly, I left for school. Go to the seat of the classroom, put down your schoolbag, and chat with friends around you while you are a bit free. Although they have not been in contact for a long time, they have known each other and formed friendship. Although there is no way to share happiness and share difficulties, but when in trouble, they will work together to resolve the problem Cigarettes Online. After school, I went to the old elementary school. Looking at the familiar teaching building, the familiar playground, the familiar grass and trees, and the familiar six years of study life seems to repeat itself in front of my eyes: I returned to class six (5), and took classes with my partners, together in Playing on the playground and running New Year's Eve together can't help but be sighed: the once solid promise, in front of time, is just a pan of sand, and it blows away, there is no trace, only friendship remains unchanged. The love of family members, the concern of friends and classmates, is not vigorous, but it makes people feel warmer Newport 100S. Whether it is a cup of tea or a reprimand, whether it is a heartfelt compliment or a sincere spit, all bring us happiness and joy. Love is really around
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