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If you are a discretionary trader

If you are a discretionary trader, you must place your stop loss order at the price where the market is less likely to trade at. Why? Because when you place your stop loss order a certain price Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you can actually change the direction of the market when this price is traded at. The idea behind the discretionary trading method of placing a stop loss order is that if the market reaches the stop loss price, you will want to exit the trade Cigarettes Online USA. The stop loss is thus the point where you leave the trade.

If you are a systems trader, you must place your stop order loss according to your trading system's ratios of risk to reward and win to loss. For instance, if your trading system's ratio says that the optimal stop loss distance is 15 ticks beyond the entry price you put in, your stop loss order must also be placed 15 ticks behind the entry price. The systems method is dependent upon certain mathematical equations, and the trader's discretion does not play a part in the decision of where the stop loss order must be placed.

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