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Exchange gifts

Exchange gifts. Before your Japanese wedding, the bride and the groom also need to exchange yui-no gifts. Traditionally, families of the bride and groom will also do this with gifts that symbolize happiness and good fortune. There are two main gifts that must be given. The groom must give the bride an obi which is a sash worn with the kimono Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. And the bride must give the groom a hakama skirt for formal occasions (which symbolizes his fertility). Then, select 9 other meaningful gifts to exchange with your partner, ensuring that both families approve of your presents.

Wear the right clothing. You will need to don appropriate Japanese wedding attire. You can rent wedding clothes, buy them, or have them made. (Many prefer to wear wedding clothes that have been passed down through generations in their families Cheap Cigarettes Outlet.) A Japanese bride will need to wear a colorful kimono for the traditional ceremony along with a large hood Newport Cigarettes Coupons, also known as a tsuno kakushi, to cover her hair. Discuss your clothing choices with your family members so that no one will be offended.

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