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The Miami Dolphins were already a prime candidate to take a quarterback

QB situation from Serious to Critical by trading away their..."The Miami Dolphins were already a prime candidate to take a quarterback in this upcoming NFL Draft. but they’ve just turned their QB situation from Serious to Critical by trading away their longtime starter Rashaan Melvin Jersey , Ryan Tannehill.Tennessee gave very little in this deal, giving up a seventh rounder this year and a fourth next year. It’s a good idea for them to have a solid, if unspectacular backup on staff, considering Marcus Mariota gets injured a lot. In a corresponding move, the Titans released Blaine Gabbert, who will go to a farm upstate where he can live out his years chasing butterflies and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.The other two quarterbacks on last year’s Dolphins roster were Brock Osweiler and David Fales, both of whom are currently free agents. So Miami is going to have to essentially rebuild the entire positional group from the ground up. Can they get a bona fide starter in the draft at Pick 13? That seems unlikely. The Dolphins will have to move up ahead of teams like the Giants and Broncos, who might be looking for new quarterbacks. I say “might” because if this week has told us anything, it’s that John Elway and Dave Gettleman are insane. For all we know they could both take cornerbacks and roll with what they have.But the Dolphins absolutely cannot take that chance. If we assume the Cardinals are taking Kyler Murray, or that someone else is taking him first overall, then Dwayne Haskins is there for the taking. The Raiders’ pick at #4 would be a good spot for Haskins, and the Bucs at 5 also would be a prime target. A move like that would cost this year’s and next year’s first round picks, as well as a second this year, to start. Would the Dolphins want to do that? Maybe not, but they have backed themselves into a pretty tight corner here. And the Raiders might not want to move down to Pick 13, but that would give them three first-rounders next year as well, so it’s something to consider, if the guy they want at #4 is gone.Perhaps a better scenario for the Raiders is if the Giants get their heads out of their collective rear ends and decide to get their QB of the future. That would presumably be Haskins, and they’d need to trade ahead of his other suitors. Hypothetically, to move from 6 to 4 would cost them both the #6 and #17 picks, which would give Oakland a whopping FOUR first rounders in this draft to address their many needs on the defensive side of the ball. Of course, the Giants might just simply tank with Eli this year and grab one of the many highly-rated QBs next year. Because at this point, why not?The Dolphins do NOT have that luxury. They have nothing at QB and they need something now. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Raiders could stand to benefit from that level of desperation.If/when Khalil Mack returns to Raiders, he will join a young and suddenly very formidable defensive line For a franchise historically famous for their terrifying pass rushers, the Oakland Raiders sure have fielded a lackluster defensive line for the better part of the past two decades. That could change under defensive coordinator Paul Guenther and a draft class featuring P.J. Hall, Maurice Hurst, and Arden Key. One of the first decisions Paul Guenther made when he took the opening as Raiders defensive coordinator was to permanently move Bruce Irvin from linebacker to defense end. Irvin totaled 15.0 sacks and 10 forced fumbles outside linebacker the past two seasons in Oakland. But those numbers could have easily been improved had he been rushing the quarterback on a more consistent basis. Needless to say, Irvin was happy with the move. “That was the best news I heard in a minute,” Irvin told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I can drop in coverage. I can do it pretty good. But that’s not what I prefer to do so when I got that news that I was strictly a D-End now, that was music to my ears.”That was just the start for Guenther. As the defensive coordinator on a team with an offensive minded head coach, Guenther had a large say in selecting defensive linemen P.J. Hall, Arden Key, and Maurice Hurst in April’s draftDespite recording 37.0 sacks at Sam Houston State, the Raiders use of a second round pick on Hall was widely-viewed as a reach. Four months later, the selection looks brilliant as Hall has been a force from the nose tackle position. “Well, you know, that was the question mark coming from a small school. Can he handle this level?” Guenther said of Hall. “I studied inside pass rushers for a long time Daryl Worley Jersey , the size, the strength, the speed, all the characteristics that you’re looking for the three-technique for us on our defense. All those things match up.”“I think the first couple days in pads where we were doing pass rush, you started to see the explosive get-off that he has and the movements that he has. And he’s strong as an ox, so I think it was really early in training camp that I realized we have a special guy here.”After recording a sack in his preseason debut, Hall followed the performance with an 86.5 grade against the Rams according to Pro Football Focus.With Hall playing at nose tackle, fifth rounder Maurice Hurst has spent the majority of his time in the three-technique. The First-Team All-American from Michigan would have been a top-ten pick barring a heart defect that led his fall in the draft. So far, Hurst has stayed healthy and has played as advertised. Through three preseason games, he ranks 11th among interior defenders with a 77.7 pass rusher grade. Arguably the Raiders most impressive rookie has been defensive end Arden Key. Like Hurst, the former LSU defensive end was viewed as a top-ten talent on the field, but dropped to the third round due to character concerns. Bruce Irvin took the rookie under his wing, and Key has stayed out of trouble ever since while being nearly unblockable throughout Raiders Training Camp. His quickness and bend off the edge brings reminiscence of Von Miller. And while he has room to improve in the run game, Key should immediately step in as an effective third down pass rusher. Fadol Brown, Tank Carradine, and Shalique Calhoun have all impressed as well and should provide Guenther with valuable depth among his front-seven. After the third preseason game against the Packers, the three of them gave the Raiders a lot to think about.“[Tank] Carradine had his best game, Fadol and Calhoun can play special teams. So, there’s some really good candidates. We’re excited about it,” Gruden said Monday. He gushed about Fadol Brown in particular.“He has quietly gone about his business,” Gruden said of Brown.

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