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Washington quarterback Alex Smith‘s contract guarantees

But he’s still working.Coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Sunday that Smith has attended every quarterback meeting during training camp.“I think he’s just a calming influence for them ,” Gruden said of Smith. “He’s very supportive for each individual guy, he’ll get on them when he needs to get on them a little bit, in a fun-loving kind of way but he’s just a great presence to have in the quarterback room and we obviously welcome it whenever he wants to come in here.”Smith was praised for his work in 2017 with then-rookie Patrick Mahomes, even though Smith was helping Mahomes take Smith’s job. He can make similar contributions to Washington’s quarterbacks, especially rookie Dwayne Haskins. Even if Haskins’ progress ensures that Smith will never play for Washington again. Washington linebacker Mason Foster talked publicly for the first time since his Instagram account posted profane messages as well as a homophobic slur. Foster admitted writing “F— this team and this fan base,” which was intended as a private message.He said he didn’t mean it, apologizing to his teammates and to fans of the team.“I feel bad about it Womens Bryce Love Jersey ,” Foster said, via NBC Sports Washington. “My teammates know that’s not how I feel about them. It was more of frustration. Think you’re talking to your friends. It’s definitely not how I feel. It is what it is.”Foster hopes Washington fans forgive him.“I love the fan base,” Foster said. “That was one of the reasons I know I came back. I love my teammates. I love my coaches. It was said out of frustration thinking I was talking to somebody else, but I wasn’t. But they know. The people know that I love these fans out here.”Foster blames his cousin for the subsequent messages from his account, and he said he’s working on forgiving his cousin.The team has forgiven him, with coach Jay Gruden giving Foster a pass.

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