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Zydenafil most people acquire it by having unprotected sex with someone who is infected and through the shared use of needles, syringes, rinse water and other supplements used in preparing illegal drugs to inject. But there are also other ways of contagion. Moms with HIV, for example, can transmit the disease to their babies at birth. What you can do to take care of yourself and prevent infection Maintain safe sexual relations, which are only between two people who are not infected with HIV, who only have sex with each other and who do not use injectable drugs. Always use condoms if you do not have a stable partner or if you have doubts about whether your partner is infected or having sex with someone else. If your partner refuses to use a condom, use a condom for women. They are not as effective as men's, but they offer a certain degree of protection.Do not let anyone's blood, semen, urine, vaginal discharge or fecal material enter your anus, your vagina or your mouth (unprotected anal relationships are more risky than vaginal ones and, among men, receptive anal relationships are more risky than insertion). Do not share needles, syringes, sharp objects such as scissors or razor blades or toothbrushes. Finally, stay informed about the disease and correct errors or prejudices that you may have regarding AIDS, such as these myths about HIV that we share in another article on Viday Salud.

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