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Concrete Blocks: A detailed description


The concrete blocks Bathurst are rectangular blocks which are utilized for the construction of buildings.  The blocks which use cylinders are call breeze blocks in UK and cinder blocks in the USA. They are also known as hollow blocks in the Philippines.  In countries like New Zealand and Canada, they are known as concrete blocks Bathurst.


The concrete blocks Bathurst are prepared from cast concrete such as aggregate and Portland cement. The blocks which are of lower density utilize industrial wastes such as an aggregate, fly ash or bottom ash. The lightweight blocks can also be prepared through aerated concrete which is autoclaved in nature.


The Concrete Blocks Bathurst is basically used as a structural element, in addition, to being utilized as an architectural element.  The walls can fully grouted, ungrouted and partially grouted.  The reinforcement bars can be utilized both horizontally as well as vertically inside the CMU so that the walls can be strengthened which ultimately results in better structural performance.

The cells inside which the rebar needs be placed has to be grouted.  This is the exact reason why the seismic zones only allow the fully grouted walls inside their building codes.  The strength of the block can be between 1000 psi to 5000 psi.

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