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This year, yellow raie tower brand growth much Marlboro Red Cigarettes more than Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online 40%, total income exceeded 70, 000 conditions. In 2005, the brand involving yellow crane tower greater by more than 50%, plus the total sales volume realized 110, 000 cases, sitting a strong brand position throughout China's high-end cigarette sector.
The Chinese cigarettes
Model introduction: China cigarette is three high-end brands as its establishment. Zhonghua brand has become the first brand in China's high-end tobacco consumption marketplace, and has become an important adornment for social elites scaled-down their identities and principles. Over the past 50 Cheap Carton Of Newport 100s years, China features continuously established a poor but honorable demeanor, that can be widely respected by high end consumers, and has become the definite leader in China's luxury tobacco market.
Brand progress: zhonghua brand cigarette was given birth in 1951. In 1950, the state-run China smoking cigarettes company was given the task of manufacturing the "best cigarette brand" at the request of their superiors.

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