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Bavarian Inn Restaurant, 713 S. The Bavarian Inn offers more than 20 pies, including ice cream varieties. We loved the Apple Kuchen pie, a top seller, and the Tulip Pie, made with a coconut cookie crust, a citrus cream cheese layer and house made raspberry preserve gelatin layer with whipped topping.

And any kid raised Catholic couldn help but gobble up his jokes that clearly were shaped in the crucible of a strict parochial upbringing.Carlin could point out the absurdities of banning the word like from TV or radio. No, it wasn among the seven dirty words, but it was part of his supplemental list of things forbidden from radio and TV in the Shakespeare could joke about passing gas in Two Gentleman of Verona, but in the days of Watergate, if you used the popular term for breaking wind, the FCC would break your bank.Besides the unbelievable influence he had on everyone from Bill Hicks to Dave Chappelle, Carlin was a guy who kept the fires burning long after his peers got boring or moved to Branson, Mo. He delivered more than four decades of great material.

The spectacle lives onA week prior to the BlizzCon World Championship, it had been announced that most of the professional teams in South Korea had dropped or will be dropping their StarCraft II clubs by the end of the event. Those uniforms that had intrigued me almost a decade ago were now going to be no more in the world of SCII. Proleague, the main team league of StarCraft, was also discontinued..

It's amazing that no one thought before now to make their game's "demo" be a cheap, standalone title that can be played in a few hours. For about the price of a game rental, we get to try sample "Dead Rising 2's" gameplay without taking anything away from our experience with the core game. About the only bad decision publisher Capcom made with "Case Zero" was not making the game available to folks who plan to play "DR2" on the PlayStation 3.

These attempts were largely uniform throughout Scotland, although certain regional variations existed, for instance attempts made to ban practices such as the coronach in the Highlands and Islands. Some of these attempts were successful, others were less so. Additionally, reforms aimed at the lower social orders were more successful, on the whole, than those aimed at the upper classes, as the upper classes could afford to pay nominal fines after a breach of the rules concerning burial.
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