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a rain in the fall, not for my

The autumn rain is not light and not brazen, and it is calm and cool. One autumn rain and one winter cold, the autumn rain can wash away the plum blossoms in the heavens and the earth, and become beautiful and clear-hearted. Waiting for a rain in the fall, not for myself, I am only a messenger waiting for the rain. I am waiting for a fall rain for the villagers. At this time, they were busy in the field, harvesting, picking, plowing, autumn sowing, busy appearance. Now all the crops have been harvested. Under the high sky, they are tired. When the last crop is harvested, they can rest, holding their animals, and walking slowly back to the village along the path. There was smoke and smoke, chickens and dogs smelled each other, the scent of Xinmi Marlboro Red, and the sweet and mellow fruits of the fruits, the attentive peasant women stood together outside the door, waiting for them. Autumn rain drops eaves, family members sit around, rare leisure time, green vegetables, new wine, drink to a slight sip, accompanied by the tink of rain hitting the roof, you can sleep. Waiting for an autumn rain, the countrymen wait for a drowsiness that doesn't matter the morning and dusk, so that the body can stretch well and eliminate the fatigue of the whole body, like the land exposed in autumn. Got power. The country in the autumn rain was quiet, and the cows ruminated under the pen, and even the poultry and birds were shrunk in their nests, their heads dozing. I wait for a fall rain for the people in the city. Complex, noisy, hurried, anxious, has long been the rhythm of urban life, and it is repeated. Qiu Yu originally belonged to the countryside. When he arrived in the city, he became timid, and it seemed to be disdainful to perceive it when it was dripping on high-rise buildings, on the roof of the car, or on the promenade. But Qiuyu is continuous. It will quietly wash away the city's flying dust, wet the wide and narrow roads, and make those hard roads bright and vivid, like a pulse that will beat. Qiuyu can also pour the umbrella flowers on the streets, colorful, dazzling, and romantic life. In the autumn rain, it is suitable to have three or two friends to go to tea, listen to the piano, and let the city know that in addition to chasing fame and fortune, there is also the fragrance of plants and trees in the life, and the sound of silk and bamboo. Maybe stop in a rainy day and clean up. soul. You can read books, copy posts, and talk to those wise people with your mind. Do you feel that the most spiritual organs in these bodies have been closed for too long outside of the rushing life? Find an outlet for emotions Carton Of Cigarettes, even in the dark I walked down the street, slowing down, letting the drizzle touch my clothes, and I also waited for the autumn rain for the lovers. An umbrella, two people, in a small space, the two people just squeeze together, like a frightened returning bird. Can see them crowded together, holding an umbrella and walking towards the depths of Qiuyu, the rain has wet their half of the body, it is not Qiuyu cold, but love.
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