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Xia Weiyuan

Xia Weiyuan, autumn is here. The cool wind blows away the last cicada, and in the afternoon in the afternoon, holding a cup of chrysanthemum tea, sits on the "coming soon" swing and waits for the "wind" to come. With the wind and acquaintance with the Internet, he happened to see my article on the original literature website "under the ancient banyan tree" and became a friend because he liked it. Four fingers have been intersected for four years. He doesn't usually talk much. Whenever an article is updated, he reads it first. After seeing his comments after the article, he knows that this is a friend who can pierce my heart. When people reach middle age, they are like the autumn of the four seasons. They always remember the emotions and sorrows that affect the soul. They are full of love and resentment for too many youths. The original angular thinking has become numb because of the years. It is inevitable that the text will be infected with sadness. Feng said that if autumn is in the middle age, there is less flower in youth, but more mature charm. Su: Go and look at the distant scenery and let your heart be empty. You will find your true self and find your way back. So I went to Yunnan and felt and recorded life with my heart during the exile of body and soul, so my mind was widened. With the wind, talking about the breeze and the rugged mountain springs there Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the flowing water surrounds the quaint and quiet inn, and along the road paved with words, we lament that all beings in this three thousand world have finally reunited with their own law. We knit plain clothes together. We meet each other this afternoon. He passed by my city, looking forward to seeing him. The fallen leaves outside the window rendered the autumn colors gradually strong, and the waiting heart was as calm as the autumn water. At that moment, I received a text message from the wind. He said: Su, just the moment I got off the car, I bought a newspaper with an article "Flowers at that time" and saw that your still young smile was as calm and familiar as I thought, Makes my tired heart feel warm. Seen in this life, no regrets. I know that he could not bear to touch the traces of the fleeting years, fearing that his eager expectations would eventually be extinguished by cold memories. Our acquaintances, from the vision of spring after spring to Qiu Liang, do not want to go to the end of the journey in the face of the inability to change. Only twisting the time, crushing the most beautiful memories in the messy daydream. In the way of imagination Marlboro Cigarettes, in the light and shadow, he held the book lightly. I smiled with a smile in the "Flowers of the Time", and my heart was supported. The covenant of light autumn, let us from the extreme distance to the nearest, if the heart is indifferent and not seen Parliament Cigarettes, it is the warmest. When all things finally settled into a depth, buried in the soil, a feeling of love grows, and it grows with the years.
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