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Afterwards, at a county commissioner meeting, Head explained his remarks by saying don think those things that I mentioned yesterday are going to happen. Head is also the county emergency management director. He continued to defend the comments at the public meeting . comes in and does all their stuff, ok, that probably not gonna happen, ok? But I have to prepare for it. Worst case scenario we probably won have an F 5 tornado coming through Lubbock, but if it happens, we gotta be ready for it. Democrats are calling for his resignation. CNN Ed Lavandera reports.

No charges were broughtIn the documentary, which is due to air on Sunday, Mr Daykin's grandfather is told for the first time how much the company is now worth, to which he proudly says: 'It's going to the right guy'.Mr Daykin strode into the Den in 2014 and convinced the famously tough businesswoman to hand over 80,000, even negotiating her down from an initial demand of a 30 percent stake to 25 percent.Already running a successful business, he asked the investors for new machinery, stock increases and a deposit for a warehouse in Melksham in a bid to turn it into something bigger.In the process, the then 18 year old became the youngest person ever to get investment in the Den.Still just a teenager, his company which employed 11 of his teenage friends, including his now fiance Laura Potter went from strength to strength.Now, GripIt fixings are stocked in 2,000 UK stores and are exported across 32 different countries.


p>Welcoming iconic comedian Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa, Lynch proved she been following along at home, stealing a page directly from Piers Morgan playbook and delving straight into the topic of love loved your father, but the great love of my life was the man that I met afterwards, Joan reveals to Melissa. leg, war hero from World War II, lost it in World War II. Well, didn lose it, he left it, but just never went to pick it up. But of loving her ex husband, she does confess we met? Yes. And now, after all these year we separated when our son was 9 months old we actually friends again. Which is great. the clip, and listen to the interview, as Lynch and Joan and Melissa Rivers turn Monday edition of Morgan Tonight into ladies night, dishing on everything from British accents to unfaithful octogenarians.

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