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Whether rivals believe the numbers or not, the newest of six airlines in the Indian skies is showing signs of breaking away from the pack. For less practical treasures, like mementos of a loved one, find a small cabinet and tuck them inside. In my time at Forbes I've focused on startups, tech and growing enterprises.

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So right now we're very much looking at the market itself. What I'd rather see is someone actually take level design into consideration. Not a money hungry Dr. Multimatic Motorsports to build Ford GT: The Canada based company that has been involved in various aspects of Ford's racing programs for many years has been tapped to build the upcoming Ford GT.

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Somewhat surprisingly, given the bearish factors affecting commodity stocks over the past several years, the consensus opinion of the independent third party research providers, including Argus, S Capital IQ, and Morningstar, was that Alcoa was a buy.
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