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Mark Twain once said: "There are two strange people in the nineteenth century, one is Napoleon and the other is Helen Keller." I recently read a book about Helen "If I Give Three Days of Light", I finished Afterwards, my heart was deeply shocked by Helen ��s spirit. In the book, Helen said: "Knowledge gives love to people, gives light to people, and gives wisdom to people. It should be said that knowledge is happiness. To the pulse of human activity in history, otherwise we would not understand the music of human life Newport Cigarettes. "Indeed, the power of knowledge is endless. It was knowledge that made Helen create a miracle on earth. "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" tells about the life of Helen Keller, who is blind and deaf, and her mental journey. Helen overcomes the difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine, successfully completed Harvard University Wholesale Cigarettes, and obtained a bachelor's degree with excellent results. She has always been committed to the cause of people with disabilities and raised money everywhere to improve the living environment of people with disabilities and create educational opportunities for them. Helen Keller believes that if you give me three days of light: On the first day, I will see through the "soul window" those people who encourage me to live in kindness, kindness and affection. The next day, I want to get up at dawn to see the moving miracle that night turns into day. On the third day, I will spend in daily life, go to the place where people who are busy for life often go to experience their happiness Cigarettes Online. With a strong heart, Helen rose in the face of adversity, and was not disabled. Therefore, give people a revelation: Treat difficulties correctly. Everyone will encounter difficulties throughout their lives. When encountering difficulties, don't back down, and try to overcome the difficulties and overcome the difficulties. It is also the process of your own progress. Try to accomplish everything you want to do. What is not easy? Not easy is to insist on doing what should be done every day. What is not simple? Not simple is to do everything best. To do everything best, you also need to have a good habit of doing things seriously. If you achieve these two points, you will be able to make progress and improve your optimism. In the face of huge blows and difficulties, Helen faced the difficulties with a positive and optimistic attitude, so that he was full of confidence in the future. Therefore, a good and optimistic attitude is one of the important factors for everyone's success.
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