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p>And there were eloquent comments from some gamers denouncing the threats or stating that we should be willing to deal with Sarkeesian's critique. Thing is that no one can tell if you're gay. So like why don't they just go to regular conventions?. Together with speeding up administrative reform, Vi Nam Social Security (VSS) has actively applied information technology (IT) in modernising social security management. Could you share some of the sector achievements in this task? The VSS has paid special attention to IT application in recent years through the construction of a concentrated data system for the whole sector and a system to provide personal identity numbers to better manage participants in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance nationwide. 124/NQ CP Ha Noi, October 06, 2018 RESOLUTION THE GOVERNMENT REGULAR MEETING SEPTEMBER 2018 THE GOVERNMENT Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government dated June 19, 2015; Pursuant to the Government Decree No.

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