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What industries are corundum used in?

Based on its chemical composition, corundum is nothing but aluminum oxide. When it is synthesized through various processes, For industrial applications, artificial corundum is manufactured synthetically with a small addition of colouring agents, which is later left for cooling and solidification. This entire process of manufacturing artificial corundum is known as the Verneuil Process.anionic polyacrylamide

Corundum is a highly stable and hard mineral; second hardest mineral available in the world after diamond. Corundum can be made available in a variety of colours. The most commonly preferred types of corundum are Padparadscha (Pink and orange variety of Sapphire), Emery (Black), Star Ruby, Ruby (Pink or red), Blue Sapphire, Star Sapphire, and Green Sapphire.

While corundum is commonly used in a large variety of applications, its sales in the jewellery industry as precious stones account for a significant share in the global corundum market. Corundum minerals are used in the manufacturing of various gemstones, and are emerging as among the gemstones that are highest in demand, after diamonds. This is among the biggest driving forces for the global market for corundum.

As mentioned earlier, the demand for corundum is not only high across the popular segments such as Blue Sapphires and Red Rubies, but rare gemstones such as padparadscha are also witnessing significantly high demand across the jewellery industry, mainly for their uncommon and unique colour. This creates a great potential for leading stakeholders in the corundum market across the jewellery and precious stones industries.

Furthermore, non-gemstones manufactured using corundum are commonly used in various industrial applications, contributing to the growth of the global corundum market. For instance, Black Emery finds applications as an abrasive, which is mainly attributed to its natural hardness. Brown corundum is also witnessing high demand as a deburring agent in various applications such as grinding, sand blasting, and plunge cutting, owing to its ability to smoothen and soften ragged edges.

Though it is not as hard as brown corundum, white corundum is used in abrasion applications, such as polishing glass, where high speed is required without producing more heat during friction. It is also used as a sharpening agent for cutting tools, in vitrified grinding wheels, as well as in the manufacturing of precision milling equipment that are used in similar applications. Consequently, though the corundum market is mainly driven by its demand in the jewellery industry, its growing significance in industrial abrasion applications will also contribute to the growth of the market in the coming years.polyacrylamide powder for sale

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