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What are the applications of activated carbon in air pollution treatment?

Prevention and control of indoor air pollution.

People walking back and forth or armpit odor, kitchen cooking oil fumes, decoration application of viscose or various volatile solvents, the impact of foreign bodies in the toilet caused indoor air pollution. In the indoor air pollution caused by various reasons, there are different degrees of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen trihydride, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide and other harmful substances, which will cause harm to people's health. Therefore, activated carbon should be placed in the gas stove site, using its adsorption function to adsorb harmful and all kinds of carbon products made from activated carbon can be placed in the corner of the room or near the electrical appliance to allow it to adsorb pollutants, so that the indoor air can minimize pollution.yrdcarbon

Treatment of flue gas desulfurization.

The prevention and control of air pollution has become a problem that all countries attach great importance to and are dealing with. In China, the use of coal and oil will increase the content of sulfur in the air and lead to air pollution. The flow of sulfur in the air will cause weather changes, in recent years, there are many places where sulfuric acid rain, resulting in the destruction of land and air by sulfuric acid, so it is necessary to strengthen the treatment of sulfuric acid. Activated carbon desulphurization has a good effect of purifying air, oxygen and sulfur dioxide are placed at 100°C high temperature at the same time, through chemical action, sulfur trioxide can be formed, and then added to the water vapor state, using the extremely strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon to adsorb sulfur trioxide, and then using ammonia washing, water vapor heating or washing methods, sulfur collective collection, through production re-application, not only to achieve desulfurization purposes, but also save energy use.

Prevention and control of automobile exhaust pollution.

Volatilization of hydrocarbons or fuel from car exhausts is a major contributor to urban pollution, and ultraviolet radiation can create smog-filled smog. Volatilization of fuel is not only a waste of energy, these smoke contains a variety of hazard factors, such as toluene, ene, isocyanate, aldehydes or ketones, and so on. People live in this environment for a long time, will cause eye, skin or trachea damage, so that people appear cough, dizziness, eye distension and other symptoms, severe people will cause blood diseases, serious threats to people's health. Activated carbon is used to deal with the volatilization of fuel oil, and its high strength adsorption ability is used to attach harmful particles and reduce tail gas pollution, thus making the air fresh and pleasant. The use of activated carbon in automobile exhaust pollution can not only solve these problems, but also strengthen the research and exploration of the application of activated carbon in air pollution.pelletized activated carbon

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