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A Visit to Broker NAG Markets in Australia

A Visit to Broker NAG Markets in Australia

Lately, some users of WikiFX inquired the authenticity and business conditions of the platform NAG Markets. In response to investors, WikiFX decided to visit the broker NAG Markets in Australia.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

  Broker introduction

  NAG Markets is a CFD broker which plays a leading role in the international financial markets, providing clients with tradings across forex, precious metals, energy and global indices. The broker has established a competitive advantage in the industry by its low spreads and stable and fast trading services.
  The investigator arrived at 275 Alfred Street, a large commercial office building, where NAG Markets was situated. After entering the building, a floor directory was found in the wide lobby, from which the investigator learned that NAG Markets was located on the 15th floor.

  The investigator saw the logo of NAG from one of the office doors within a few steps out of the lift. Supposing this to be the office of NAG Markets, the investigator knocked on the glass door and was soon answered by a staffer.

The staffer warmly received the investigator upon learning that it was a visit from WikiFX. Walking into the office, the investigator noticed the broker's logo again at the reception desk. The eye-catching logo was blue and white with a unique shape of a square hole inside a circle. The staffer, who noticed the investigator's interest in the logo, smiled and gave an introduction to it: the square in the center represented the importance that NAG Markets attached to the country, as it always provided customers from many countries with excellent localization services, while the outer circle represented NAG Markets' worldwide coverage and professional leadership.
Subsequently, the investigator also visited the office area and other functional areas. Through close observation, the investigator found that the office enjoyed a clean and spacious interior, with many staff working hard.

  Based on the field survey, the authenticity of the broker NAG Markets is verified by WikiFX. Its business address is in line with that on the regulatory information. NAG Markets has received a rating of 5.18 on the WikiFX APP and is currently under valid supervision with the Retail Forex License issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

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