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New wigs combo online on west kiss hair

1)613 lace front wigs + 613 4x4 bob wigs

Many people like 613 lace wigs, as 613 is a bright and attractive color that can help you become shinning in the crowd. There is a wig combo in our store which can satisfy 613 addicts. Buy one you can get two different lengths of 613 lace wigs. One is 613 straight 13x4 lace front wig in 8-30 inches with 150-200% density, and the other is 613 straight 4x4 bob wig in 10 inches with 180% density. One order can get doubled happiness.
2)(1b body wave + 613 body wave) U part wigs (12-30 inches, 180%/250% density)

Buy one can get two-body wave u part wigs in two colours. Besides, you also can get an extra super free gift pack, including a silk bag, an adjustable band, a wig cap, a wig grip, super long eye-lashes, a baby hairbrush.
3)613 natural wave 4x4 lace closure wigs + natural black JC 4x4 bob wig
These two human hair lace wigs are contrast, as they have different colours, different lengths, and different textures, look completely different. One is 613 natural wave 4x4 lace closure wig in 10-26 inches with 180% density, the other is natural black JC 4x4 in 12 inches with 180% density. It is really suitable for people who like changes.

The products of wigs combo sale
1)613 Straight + 1B Straight + 1B Water Wave 4x4 Bob Wigs (8-14 inches, 180% density)

Pay one get three short bob wigs in the same length, same density, but in different textures and colors. No matter buy it by yourself or with your family and friends, it is a great deal. Bob wig is a magical type of wigs, it can make you look younger and more active after wearing it. If you are a bob wig addict, it is suitable for you.
2)1B + #27 Water Wave 4*4 Lace Closure Wigs (8-26 inches, 150-250% density)

If you like the texture of the water wave and want to get two different colors in one order. This wigs combo can be your first choice. Pay one you can get two lace wigs in the same length, same texture, same density, but different colors.
3)Yaki Straight U Part Wigs human hair + Straight Full Machine Made Wigs With Bangs (12-26 inches, 150-250% density)

These two long hair wigs in this combo are completely different except the same length, same color, and same density. Pay one you can get two different wigs in this combo, one is Yaki straight u part wig, the other is straight full machine made wig with bangs. Totally two different hairstyles, make you feel different styles of hair wigs in one time. Besides, buy u part wigs now can extra get a Super Gift Packs, including Silk Bag & Adjustable Band & Wig Cap & Wig Grip & Super Long Eye-Lashes & Baby Hair Brush.
4)Bob Wigs With Bangs In 4 Colors (10-16 inches, 180% density)
Can you imagine buying one get four straight bob wigs with bangs in the same length, same density, but in four different colors? What a good deal! These four colors is 1B, #4, #27, #99J. If you buy it all for yourself, you can change different colors freely with the mood on different occasions. If you buy it with your sisters or families, then you can share this happiness with each other.
5)Straight + Water Wave U Part Wigs (12-28 inches, 150-250% density)

This is a u part wigs comb, u part wig is a rising product recently in Yolissa Hair Store. The emergence of u part wigs provides a new choice with all customers. It is not only easy to wear and remove, but the price is also more competitive and affordable than lace wigs. Now buy one can get two different hairstyles u part wigs, what are you waiting for? Come and shop!
6)Body Wave 360 Cheap Lace Front Wigs + Water Wave 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs (8-24 inches, 150-250% density)

The lace wig is always one of the hottest human hair wigs in the hair wig market and our store. So we launched this wigs combo for people who like brazilian wigs. There are two different kinds of lace wigs, body wave 360 lace wig and water wave 4x4 lace closure wig. These two lace wigs have different advantages, lace closure wig is more convenient to wear and remove, and 360 lace wig can do more hairstyles, like a ponytail. If you like lace wigs, don’t miss it!

Advantages of wigs combo
What is wigs combo sale? It means you only need to pay one wig but can get 2 wigs, 3 wigs, even 4 wigs. You can receive several different hd lace wigs in every wigs combo. One combo can meet the various needs of customers. You can buy it for yourself, also can with your family and friends. Our ultimate goal is to save money for you.

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