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Rainbow Six Siege: Blitz Elite Skin Leak

Rainbow Six Siege Credits Ahead of the launch of operation Wind Bastion next month Ubisoft has enabled the new content on the Rainbow Six Siege technical test servers. Shortly after the Blitz elite skin was officially released on November 20th a leak has popped up which gives us our first look at the Glaz elite skin.

First let's go back to the announcement made last weekend by Ubisoft. The editor tease since last Halloween the new elite pack for Blitz the operator of the GSG9 with its flash shield. The Panzerstärke pack adds a uniform (outfit and head) for the latter. But also skins for his Shield and his pistol (usable on all the guns of the GSG9) ... And a pendant with the effigy of Blitz not to mention the animation of victory in case of MVP!

The leaker probably had to do some digging in order to obtain these images which explains why the build number is crossed out in the screenshots. The Blitz elite skin was just released so it’ll be at least a couple weeks of waiting before we get an official confirmation on Glaz’s elite skin. Even though the leak looks very authentic these skins might not end up being released.

However there was a little problem. buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits A lot of players have rushed on the new pack ... While Ubisoft has encountered a problem with this one. On Reddit the publisher says he discovered that the game crash if we equip this new uniform. But also that R6 credits will be fully refunded. And that's not all because the players who acquired the pack will receive it again for free. Pretty nice from Ubisoft! On the other hand no clarification is provided on the possible sale of these cosmetics.

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