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What are the uses of columnar activated carbon

The use of columnar activated carbon is mainly reflected in gas adsorption and sewage treatment, and because of its stable and high adsorption capacity, it is targeted for some special substances, and the adsorption and treatment effects are good.

In air purification, columnar activated carbon can be used for gas recovery in solvent vapor; filter the odor and peculiar smell in the air; it can also be made into a gas mask in actual production to resist toxic and harmful gases in the production environment.

The gas discharge in the production workshop and the gas discharge in the sewage treatment plant are adsorbed by columnar activated carbon, which has a large contact area, long service life and convenient use.

Water treatment can be used for water quality treatment in beverage production. Using the developed pores and adsorption capacity of columnar activated carbon, it can effectively adsorb heavy metal elements in water quality, and can have a good decolorization and purification effect.

Power plant water pretreatment is widely used. coal based activated carbon granular is mainly aimed at the adsorption of impurities, particles and toxic and harmful substances in the water during the treatment process.

Wastewater recycling treatment uses columnar activated carbon with different iodine values ​​according to different needs after treatment.

Regarding the toxic substances in water quality, wastewater from industry and production often contains a certain amount of toxic substances. Columnar activated carbon can effectively remove toxic substances in sewage while adsorbing other impurities.

Due to the advantages of columnar activated carbon in adsorption capacity, price and regeneration, the use of columnar activated carbon will become more extensive as the process progresses.

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