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Nutshell Activated Carbon--Excellent Catalytic Carrier

Nutshell activated carbon has a good performance in water treatment and gas purification. At the same time, many people know that nutshell activated carbon can also be a catalyst or catalytic carrier. So what is the role of nutshell activated carbon in the catalyst?

Dilution and heat transfer. Quality ningxia yongruida carbon has a certain thermal conductivity. For reactions with strong exothermic and endothermic properties, nutshell activated carbon can transfer part of the heat energy during the adsorption process to stabilize the reaction temperature in the catalytic reaction.

Promote catalysis. As an excellent carrier, husk activated carbon can have physical and chemical effects, which can help the catalyst to undergo chemical action to change the activity, stability and selectivity of the catalyst and promote catalysis.

The response is stable. As a catalytic carrier, nutshell activated carbon must have sufficient surface area to facilitate the catalytic reaction. Nutshell activated carbon can keep the catalytic reaction stable by dispersing small particles.

Prevent the reaction again. Nutshell activated carbon can play a stabilizing role in the catalytic process, preventing some tiny crystals from semi-melting or forming crystals during the catalytic process, affecting the catalytic reaction.

Give effect. When the catalyst passes through and enters the inside of the pores of the nutshell activated carbon, the shape and size can be given to the catalyst, which meets the requirements of the reaction for gas circulation and makes the reaction stable.

Nutshell activated carbon has strong adaptability and its own structure is stable. No matter it faces physical or chemical reactions, it will not react during the adsorption process and affect the treatment effect. In contrast, the price of nutshell activated carbon is lower than other catalysts. Many materials make it an ideal catalyst

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