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We have seen that the Bundesliga referees are able to bonus work very well with the VAR,' said Ronny Zimmermann, German FA Vice President and responsible for referees and qualification.'The trial run was very valuable for all parties involved, allowing them to gain new insight as a basis for additionally optimising the system over the next few weeks.'I am very confident that we will be able to substantially lower the number of obviously wrong decisions.

The technician had access to several video screens at Stade de France in Paris Q&A: VIDEO ASSISTANT REFEREESVideo what?That's video assistant referees or VAR for short. As the name suggests, it is technology that uses video replays of an incident to enable match referees to make the correct decision or overturn an incorrect one.

How does it work?Well, the referee and the assistant referee take charge of the match as normal, but if there is a contentious incident that is either missed or called incorrectly, the VAR, who is sat in front of a bank of television monitors, can alert the referee via a headset.The referee has two options - he can accept the information from the VAR and change or confirm the decision he has already made. Or he can ask the VAR to review the footage.Where is this VAR sat?

The Referee Review Area is basically a buy Maplestory 2 Mesos TV monitor beside the pitch or in a TV truck or editing suite that shows replays of the contentious incident. The official can watch these replays and then go back and make the correct decision. A technician checks the video system which was used during France's defeat by Spain The pitchside monitor for VAR referrals that was used at the Club World Cup back in DecemberWhat kind of incidents would the VAR flag up?

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