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The multinational retailer purchases 9,000 different ingredients, he says. How does it determine which of the runescape gold thousands are most vulnerable to fraud?In narrowing down the search, Elliott and his team examine at what point fraud is most likely to happen: is a particular ingredient easy or onerous to adulterate? They also look at factors such as crop failures around the world,
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commodities experiencing deviations in supply and demand, and the complexity of supply chains, all of which drive fakery. Herbs and spices, for example, are extremely high value commodities with convoluted supply chains. Saffron is more expensive by weight than gold; vanilla is more valuable than silver. For the enterprising scammer, the sector is ripe for a swindle.

come up with our own formula, our own algorithms and from that we can predict what the top five or 10 food commodities or food ingredients are to fraud. And we distribute that to some of the companies that we work with and that allows them to focus and target their resources on their biggest vulnerabilities, he says.

The extent of the issue hit home recently with an Oceana Canada report, which revealed just how widespread seafood fraud is in this country. The advocacy group conducted DNA testing on nearly 400 seafood specimens from roughly 200 restaurants and food retailers in five Canadian cities (Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax).

Almost half of the seafood was mislabelled. Oceana Canada found cheaper species, such as haddock ($39.88 per kg) being substituted for more expensive halibut ($74.77 per kg) and Atlantic salmon ($37.66 per kg) passed off as sockeye ($101.69 per kg). But beyond the literal and figurative bait and switch, seafood fraud poses a food safety issue and puts pressure on already threatened or endangered species.

More than half of the substituted fish species have potential health consequences for consumers, Oceana Canada said. For example, the aforementioned escolar, of the sea, can cause serious gastrointestinal distress. All of the Canadian samples labelled butterfish and 10 of the 15 white tuna specimens were actually escolar.
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