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Grand exchange? How can this operate?

Grand exchange? How can this operate? An in game version of EBay? You dont have to decide the RS gold cost but the public does? As soon as I left the barrows sets were likely the best, together with guthans costing at 13 million, that has dropped a lot! Also on this subject; the abysal whip, is it still any good or is there something more viable that is much better? I heard about a loan system? Can anybody explain that to me? The wilderness has gone!? But theres old school realms where there is wilderness everywhere? Can anyone go into depth on this to me? Sorry if these are somewhat nooby, ive been looking for the official and sals forums for the past few days and cant find any real advice, I will appreciate any answers anyone can give me! And if anybody gives me guidance that helps me get back my account, I'll present my thanks in game some how! Thanks in advance!

Hello, I have only returned to RS yesterday following a year and a half break. I have got many questions if anyone can help me. Are there robots in the sport, if so are they still as poor as they used to be? I used to give presents to people is this not possible today using the new trading platform? Which are the ideal member armour and weapons? Is a abby whip still good or is there anything better? Is abyss runecrafting simpler today that cheap OSRS gold individuals can't pk in the wildy? Or am I going to encounter revenants a lot now? Has there been some runecrafting upgrades? Are all these from holiday events? If a few could be got in game how do you get them? What's the maximum combat level now? Is Pyramid Plunder nevertheless a good method to boost thieving levels or is there another way which is better? Whats the best way to boost Agility? What exactly do Swordfish and Shark Gloves do and how can you get them? I believe that's it for now, thanks if anyone can help with all or any of my questions.

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