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During his remarkably combative news conference in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday, Trump runescape 07 gold repeatedly lost his cool as he answered questions from journalists for 86 minutes. He called CNN's Jim Acosta "a rude, terrible person," snapped at Peter Alexander of NBC News and directed April Ryan of American Urban Radio to "sit down."

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Trump has been consulting White House lawyer Emmet Flood, who is overseeing the handling of the Russia investigation, and Flood has expressed interest in fighting back against incoming subpoenas, according to the outside adviser.[Sessions's ouster throws future of special counsel probe into question]

But Trump's confidence in his own ability to navigate the thicket of obstacles facing him will soon be tested, according to Republicans from past administrations who recall being humbled by congressional Democrats winning power. The deluge of legal scrutiny and congressional subpoenas risks overwhelming the president's agenda.

"One of the things the White House needs to understand is that we doubled the size of the general counsel's office and that wasn't big enough," former top George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove said about the Democrats' sweep in the 2006 midterm elections. "We found out pretty quick that we didn't have enough lawyers."

The White House Counsel's Office is undergoing a transition. Pat A. Cipollone only recently took over from Donald McGahn as counsel and has a number of vacancies to fill. The adviser described the office as "in desperate need" of recruiting more attorneys. Many experienced lawyers at top Washington firms have long been reluctant to join the White House, both because they would have to take a pay cut and because of the chronic turmoil inside.

Executive Pay Limits Outlined The Obama administration is imposing a $500,000 pay cap on senior officers at companies that need special government assistance. But the new rules (PDF) do not apply to the more than 350 institutions that have already received bailout funds, and experts caution that abundant loopholes could undermine any lasting effect. Meanwhile, demand is growing in Congress for an independent investigation of the causes of the nation's financial crisis. Times, Wall Street Journal
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