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Fallout 76: Overpriced skins cause a lot of criticism from the players

Fallout 76 Caps Fallout 76 is currently drawing the displeasure of some players this time around the in-game shop: New virtual objects during the Christmas period cost sometimes between 10 and 20 euros if you convert the internal currency of the game for real money.

In the Fallout 76 shop players have the opportunity to purchase various items and skins with the Atom currency. However the overpriced prices of Bethesda are now causing fierce criticism among the fans. So the studio currently requires just under $ 20 for a new Christmas outfit. That's a third of the original selling price for the launch of Fallout 76.

Just in time for the Christmas season Bethesda has given Fallout 76's in-game shop a few thematically fitting items that are only available for a limited time. The virtual objects can be known to be acquired against the collectable in-game currency "atoms" buy Fallout 76 Atoms which in turn can also be purchased for real money - and exactly at this point the currently offered equivalent pokes many players angry.

But the pricing for an emote package (1,200 atoms) or a shield with a red rocket (1,400 atoms) feel players too expensive. The Bethesda team has not commented on the prizes in the game so far. Only a few days ago there were rumors about new Lootboxen that would bring Pay2Win mechanics into the game.

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