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San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center and Cambridge Architectural Mesh

Woven metal fabric is a sustainable building material that reduces environmental strain. The metals Cambridge Architectural uses for mesh facades and other project applications are readily recyclable and come from recycled materials. As is the metal attachment hardware we produce to secure mesh to building structures. They have become a key sustainable design element for many architectural projects.To get more news about metal mesh fabric, you can visit official website.

And the eco benefits don’t stop there. Even the cold-forming manufacturing process we follow creates a lower environmental impact than those used for heat-treated products.

While construction projects typically consume large amounts of building materials and produce tons of waste, metal mesh is a responsible choice. It’s lighter in weight than many other other products and its flexible design dramatically reduces the amount of leftover materials.

When it comes to durability, metal mesh has an indestructible lifecycle and is virtually maintenance free. Its pristine look is maintained with infrequent power washing that requires no harsh chemicals.

With this in mind, our team at Cambridge Architectural helps architects and their clients take maximum advantage of LEED credits through the many “green” categories in which metal mesh systems apply.

One of our favorite LEED projects is the San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center where our engineers worked with designers to create a series of mesh fins that create an inviting presence and celebrate the building’s sustainable design. The fin system channels rainwater from the roof to a bioswale garden, where it is filtered before flowing into the storm system. Cambridge fins also reduce glare and shade the sun’s rays to reduce energy costs while preserving views.
Another Cambridge Architectural project that was recently recognized for sustainable design is the St. Armand’s Circle parking garage. The design recently earned a special distinction from Parksmart, the world’s only certification program that defines, measures and recognizes high-performing, sustainable garages. The City of Sarasota-owned garage, achieved Parksmart’s Silver certification following an extensive application and review process. Parksmart, developed by industry experts and administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), offers a roadmap for new and existing parking facilities to use innovative, solutions-oriented strategies to increase energy efficiency and performance, reduce their environmental impact and cut operational costs. Learn more in this article in Sarasota Magazine.

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