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The Path to High Quality Egg Products

The Path to High Quality Egg Products

Amounting to at least 15% of every breaking plant’s production, I sometimes feel that the equipment to process eggshells and adhering liquid do not get the attention they deserve. There have been great advancements in technology for liquid processing, filtration, pasteurization, controls, etc. but not for eggshell handling. In most egg breaking plants you’ll find that the shell handling portion is not very different from shell handling systems from the 1970’s: Smelly augers and smelly/unreliable centrifuges.To get more news about Egg cleaning machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

The operating principle of centrifuges has remained unchanged for decades (an auger inside a basket); and most of the effort by equipment manufacturers has been to increase the life of the bearings. Tom Williams was the first centrifuge to incorporate the forced oil lubrication system and to date it is still the standard. But even with this advances, most plants still keep two centrifuges: one in operation while the other one is being re-built. A true breakthrough was the introduction of the screw press manufactured by Vincent Corporation. Originally designed to de-water paper pulp, the screw press is quickly becoming the number one option for processing eggs shells. But the screw press is not for everyone as the produces smaller shell fragments than the shell centrifuge and this can have an impact in further processing of the eggshells.

The other element present in almost every breaking plant is the shell auger system used to transport shells from egg breakers to the centrifuge, or screw press, and on to storage. As popular as they are, augers are not only hard to clean, they are expensive to fix and poise a tremendous safety hazard to plant and sanitation personnel. Augers are also a potential conduit for vermin from the shell handling room into the clean process areas when not in operation.

For some time blower systems were considered as an option but misconceptions on cost and capacity have kept processing plants away from this incredible option. Advances by Apotek Solutions in the design and engineering of blower systems now allow plants to completely eliminate augers and collect not only shells from breakers but also from candling stations, egg graders and even bucket/pail dump stations using a single system. The Apotek Shell Blower System can be cleaned with a simple CIP system and are completely sealed to the outside when not in operation. The unlike vacuum systems, blower systems do not disrupt airflow in the breaking room. The High-efficiency and reliability of the Aerzen Blowers combined with careful design and engineering of velocities and pressures for each particular application make the Apotek Eggshell Blower system a great choice for every breaking plant

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