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Additional PCB Laminate Trends

Additional PCB Laminate Trends

With thermoplastics such as PTFE, PPO, and PPE coming into the market, other manufacturers began looking into the positive qualities of thermoset resin technologies. Thermosets such as polyimide, BT epoxy, and Tg epoxy are commonly used for multilayer PCBs.To get more news about BT PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.

Polyimide laminates are used for flexible and rigid-flex circuit boards due to their higher levels of mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties as the resin can stand up to harsh environments. Able to handle higher RF and microwave frequencies, they can be found in military and aerospace industries.

BT Epoxy
There are some circuit boards that cannot have lead included due to its health hazards, such as in medical and food applications. Bismaleimide-Triazine (BT) epoxy resins offer high thermal resistance, electro migration, and insulation resistance.

Tg Epoxy
As we have already mentioned, glass transition temperature (Tg) epoxy laminates may be combined with other laminates to provide additional benefits when used for higher frequencies that may generate greater heat. This epoxy has vitrification temperature properties. Vitrification means that when the epoxy gains a higher temperature, it will become more rigid in nature. When there is a high Tg epoxy, it offers greater thermal performance, electrical insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance with less flexibility.

CCL Laminates
Another possible laminate is copper clad laminates (CCL). CCL is used as a reinforcing material as it has wood pulp or glass fiber paper with copper cladding or foil along the outside. This laminate might also be used with FR4 for PCBs. A thin layer of CCL is placed on as the FR4 will be the last layer on the PCB. While offering physical, chemical, and mechanical performances, CCL laminates may also be used for PCBs when appearance and size are factors.

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