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Lindberg MPH mesh-belt conveyor furnace designed

Lindberg MPH mesh-belt conveyor furnace designed

Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., has shipped an electric mesh-belt conveyor furnace with a nitrogen/hydrogen blend atmosphere to a microelectronics manufacturer in the United States. The special atmosphere in the heating-section muffle reaches process temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F). The combustible gas system provides a timed nitrogen-gas purge of the muffle before process gas can be introduced into the furnace muffle.To get more news about conveyor belt mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

The overall size of the furnace is 201 inches by 40.75 inches by 52 inches, with an exhaust height of 84 inches. The furnace has a four-foot heated section and 24 inches of copper-tubing-wrapped water-cooling chamber, plus an additional 12 inches of copper-tubing-wrapped cooling on the exit purge chamber.

According to Business Development Manager Bill St. Thomas, “This equipment is based on a standard Lindberg/MPH Model 830MT continuous mesh belt conveyor furnace, with alterations made to the customer’s specifications in regard to equipment work height, overall length, and extending the muffle by six inches.”

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