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Xterminate Professional Heavy Duty Aluminium Fly Chain Door Screen

Xterminate Professional Heavy Duty Aluminium Fly Chain Door Screen

Keep flies out of your home or workplace with these simple but effective fly screens. Available in a range of colours to suit any décor, these door chains will prevent flies and other flying insects from entering any building while still allowing air and light through.To get more news about chain fly screen, you can visit official website.

Light, Anodised Aluminium Design

These fly chains are made from anodised aluminium, meaning they’re incredibly light and durable. This means that even pets and children can brush through without a problem, but the chain links are much too heavy for flies to buzz through. It’s a simple but very effective pest control solution that’s a must-have for any household in the summer and is even more important for cafes and restaurants.

69 Chain Lengths and Two Spare Lengths

With 69 heavy-duty chain lengths (plus two free chain lengths you can attach to your fly screen), this screen creates a super-effective barrier against all types of flying insects. If you’re worried about the running costs of an electric fly killer – or if you simply want to complement the zapper you already have – these fly door chains are the perfect low-cost, no-nonsense pest control solution for you.
Thanks to their anodised metal construction, these door chains are resistant to rust and are easy to clean and maintain. Simply hang them above any door and you’re set for the summer. You get everything you need to install your door chain in the box, offering unbeatable value to keep flies out of your house all year round!

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