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Gabe Newell Was Briefly a World of Warcraft Gold Farmer

Gabe Newell Was Briefly a World of Warcraft Gold Farmer

Did you ever think Gabe Newell, the billionaire co-founder and president of Valve, of someone who could have been a World of Warcraft gold farmer? And yet, that is exactly what he revealed in an interview published on the latest EDGE magazine (May 2020, issue 344).To get more news about buy wow weapons, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Of course, Newell didn't become a World of Warcraft gold former out of need. He did so for research, in a manner of speaking, and this eventually led to the Steam Workshop and the phenomenon of selling Team Fortress 2 hats and the like for real money.In the interview, Newell also revealed that Valve developed Steam only after failing in finding someone else who could craft such a service for the needs of their multiplayer games (Team Fortress, Counter-Strike).

We went out and we pitched people the ideas for Steam, saying 'Look, we're a game developer, it would be super helpful if somebody provided these sets of services to us'. It seemed pretty obvious that there was a much better way to provide value for customers and reduce the complexity of distribution, in a way that would also be a really powerful way of improving the development process. That ended up being Steam, but the funny thing is we originally were just trying to get somebody else to build it because we desperately needed something like that.

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