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What are the advantages of wooden activated carbon

Activated carbon is a specially treated carbon with numerous small pores and a huge surface area. The surface area per gram of activated carbon is 500-1500m2.

Wood activated carbon is composed of high-quality fuelwood, wood chips, wood blocks, etc. The mesoporous structure and specific surface area of ​​wood activated carbon are more developed, which makes it have a large adsorption capacity and a faster filtration speed. Low ash content, reasonable pore size distribution; high ignition

Advantages of wooden activated carbon:

  1. The service life of wooden columnar activated carbon is 4-5 times that of ordinary coal-based activated carbon.

  2. The wooden columnar activated carbon has high adsorption and desorption, which greatly improves the recovery rate of the solvent.

  3. Wood powdered activated carbon has low ash content and reasonable pore size distribution.

  4. The wooden columnar activated carbon is cost-effective and suitable for the recycling of organic gases in this field.

5.The wooden columnar activated carbon has a high ignition point and is safe to use.

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