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Do you know what white corundum grain size sand is

White corundum grain size sand is a variety under the white corundum product classification center, so what is grain size sand? We know that F sand and P sand refer to the product models produced by different production processes in the abrasive industry according to different uses. In fact, particle size sand is the general name of F sand and P sand. Granular sand can also be called single-size sand, generally F12~F220, such as F12, F30, F54, F90, F100, F200, F220, etc. It is mainly used in abrasives and other industries.

White corundum F sand abrasive mainly refers to the abrasive used for the production of fixed abrasive tools, such as: ceramic grinding wheels, abrasive blocks, resin grinding wheels, etc. hsl abrasive factory P sand mainly refers to the abrasives used for the production of coated abrasives, such as: belt , Emery cloth, sandpaper, etc. F sand is mostly produced by ball mills or Barmacs in China, with high bulk density and high strength. White corundum particle P sand is produced by roller crushers, which are sharp and have good self-sharpening.

White corundum grain sand is a high-grade refractory raw material, the main crystal phase is α-Al2O3, and the color is white. It has the characteristics of large volume density, low porosity, volume stability and good thermal shock resistance. It is suitable for large-scale steel castings, especially alloy castings, core surface sand, coatings and shell materials for investment casting. At the same time, it can be used as semi-finishing and fine grinding abrasives for quenched steel and alloy steel.

The particle size of the white corundum grain sand product is produced in accordance with international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to user requirements. The general particle size is F4~F320, and its chemical composition varies depending on the particle size. aluminium oxide powder The outstanding feature is that the crystal size is small and impact resistant. Due to the processing and crushing of the Barmac ball mill, the particles are mostly spherical particles, and the surface is dry and clean, which is easy to bond with the binder.

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