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Nuclear bombs are back in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Caps Earlier this week survivors of the Apalachians were deprived of an important feature of Fallout 76: nuclear bombs because of a problem with the codes needed to activate them.

We are not going to lie Fallout76 has disappointed the players. Fans as newcomers went from surprises to disillusionment. Between the highly criticized choices of Bethesda and the average quality of the game at its release Fallout 76 is clearly not the sandbox that we all expected.

Bethesda responded quickly and assured buy FO76 Capsthat he was actively working on the problem. Promised thing due thing the players can again become atomized between them in the joy the good humor and the bugs.

Nevertheless the game has many strengths thanks to its experience to try to turn things around. With Fallout 2 and New Vegas the game focused on the relationships between characters and possible interactions; With Fallout 4 was the possibility of building networks of cities and a real economy that had interested the community. The mix of these gameplay was highly anticipated and did not fail to disappoint again.

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