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Severino isn't trying to hit me, either," Mahtook said.Jacoby Ellsbury paid the price in the seventh, when buy runescape gold Michael Fulmer hit him in the backside."I figured it was probably coming," Joe Girardi said. "I didn't know who it was gonna be. [Severino] doesn't hit Mahtook on purpose and obviously Kahnle is not trying to hit him. It's part of the game."

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"I played against Kahnle coming up," Mahtook said. "It was a 2 2 pitch. He wasn't trying to hit me in the head. There was no ill will toward him. It was more of a reaction thing 100 mph [pitch] to the head, that's scary. It could end your life, end your career.""It's the big leagues," Ausmus said. "Especially when you throw that hard, you've got to be able to command your fastball. You can't be up around guys' heads."

"Obviously, I was worried about it, but it seems like he came out fine," Kahnle said. "He was yelling, but I think he was just shook. The ball got away from me. I told him, 'My bad.' He understood."It was the second time Mahtook was plunked Monday, with Luis Severino drilling the outfielder in the back with a 95 mph fastball in the second.

Anyway I think this changed card would still be way too good as it providing 10 health of taunts for 3 mana. One of the weaknesses of spreading plague right now is that it 6 mana, which means that often you can die before turn 6 if you don manage to draw/play ramp cards in the early turns.

It looks like an interesting list, but I not sure why Kangor Endless Army is in there. There are only 3 mechs in the deck of which 1 has magnetic (Zilliax). Best case scenario you getting a mechano egg with zilliax attached, is that really worth it? Other times it can easily be a dead card for many turns.

the story as to how I lost the first one was I was raiding at nearly 5 am and I was pretty tired and I wasn paying attention, really just wanted my achto, I looked, didnt see achto, rerolled it, and got a bunch of "grats" pms from my friends, I decided to scroll up in my chat and realized how stupid I was but it didnt take long to get it back :D
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