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Portsmouth metal parts factory Excell Metal Spinning

Portsmouth metal parts factory Excell Metal Spinning

Excell Metal Spinning, in Limberline Road, Hilsea, has been able to bring staff members back from furlough as orders have started to come in.To get more news about metal stamping china, you can visit tenral official website.

The manufacturer, which cuts metal components for a range of industries from its 12,500sq ft factory, has also completed and shipped 1,200 units to be used in public health spraying.

Max Underhay, from the firm, said: ‘With the setup of emergency overflow hospitals in the UK by the government continuing, most notably the conversion of the London ExCell Centre, ICU units within these hospitals require additional ventilation.Excell Metal Spinning has been working closely with its customers in the industrial fan sector to provide the spun metal components for attenuators. Hidden away in roofing spaces the components are rarely seen but enable large extraction units to operate within a safe decibel range.’

He said the firm has also been making other key components such as high-efficiency particulate air systems, which filter air through a fine mesh and used for contamination control, and parts for medical gas pipe systems in hospitals.Max said one of the largest recent orders has been for parts used in public health spraying.

We work with customers from a variety of different sectors. While the process of public health spraying may seem strange within our culture, this is the norm within several countries around the world, even before the current pandemic. The services have been adapted to aid in containing the spread of the virus in public spaces. We have supplied 1,200 units to be exported in aid of these efforts.’

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