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Shi Hao stood in place without moving, remaining extremely calm. However, a flame rushed out fro


div>He also had a flame within him that had accompanied him for many years. The Cultivation System It had always been carving all types of great dao imprints, but never displayed its power.

  Only today, right at this time, did it move, burning terrifyingly fiercely, exceeding the past. It immediately devoured the true immortal's will and the fiery light.

  "No, ah..."

  That imprint screamed out, extremely fearful, roaring out, struggling intensely.

  Fiery light immediately overflowed into the heavens here.

  However, not a single strange could reach Shi Hao, all of it stopped by the flame that rushed out from within his body, moreover devoured.

  "Ruined immortal, ant." Shi Hao didn't move, speaking like this, quietly watching everything.

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  Ruined immortal, even if he really was half-ruined, no one dared to look at him like an ant. He was still powerful beyond compare, impossible to win against!

  The reason why Shi Hao said this was completely to mock him. It was because not long ago, the ruined immortal inside the copper palace looked down on Shi Hao like this, saying that killing him was even dirtying his hands.

  The fiery light was brilliant, shining endlessly!

  No one could have predicted this result, even Shi Hao himself not even thinking it would be like this. The True Immortal Imprint was engulfed, burned!

  Originally, the copper palace's ruined immortal imprint was wrapped within his own true flame, but now, another true flame appeared, actually wishing to kill him!

  "This is... no!"

  The ruined immortal screamed out. He really was unwilling. The insect before his eyes was actually about to kill him, who would believe this if news of it got out?

  A burst of fiery light formed completely from symbols jumped about there, flickering. It was divine and auspicious, of course, this was only for others.

  For the ruined immortal, this was hell, an abyss that he fell into. It was too hard to struggle free, a flame that meant destruction and withering away!


  He released a great roar. Fiery light overflowed, engulfing the heavens above and earth below. The surrounding mountain peaks were all burned until they were scarlet red, turned into magma, and then they dried up.

  Nothing could stop this power. This was the true flame of a ruined immortal, representing immortal dao power, able to destroy everything.

  However, it just couldn't kill Shi Hao, because he was protected by a lump of fiery light.

  "How could this be?!" He screamed out. His body was breaking apart, the so-called immortal dao imprint already splitting to pieces. He was going to be destroyed.


  A crisp sound rang out, as if the people of this world were torn apart, about to head towards doomsday.

  The ruined immortal released one final roar. All of the fiery light exploded, razing who knew how many tens of thousands of li around it to the ground, turning it into a sea of magma, and then into ashes.

  He died just like that, devoured by the fiery light!

  In the end, when everything calmed down, only that lump of light remained in front of Shi Hao. It was the size of a fist, formed from symbols, jumping about.

  Without a doubt, it absorbed the ruined immortal's true flame, refining its essence and merging it into itself, quickly devouring it.

  Everything ended just like that, as if it was just a nightmare. The immortal dao expert's imprint was burned to death just like that!

  This place was completely a scene of desolation. Everything within a range of hundreds of thousands to millions of li was destroyed, mountains and rivers ruined!

  This was definitely terrifying. One strike, just a single flame created a scene of judgment day.


  That copper palace rushed into the sky, wishing to l

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