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That the answer can be completely themed round Rocket League

Rocket League’s 5th anniversary is simply around the corner, and the community is already finding approaches to have a good time with the aid of Rocket League Trading developing their very own anniversary content material for others to revel in.

One Reddit user created a whole crossword puzzle that combines fundamental in-recreation terminology, facts approximately the sport and its development, and a separate phase specializing in esports and different a laugh tidbits.

It’s uncommon to look the community so interactive outdoor of a tournament dialogue thread, however the fan’s advent led to a protracted thread of humans discussing tips and posting hyperlinks to their in-development boards.

Discussian created a very trustworthy board, even designating golden squares LOLGA that let players recognise that the answer can be completely themed round Rocket League and no longer simply related to it. The complete letter box within the top right handiest uses numbers too, giving it a slightly higher difficulty than the everyday puzzle.

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