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What if the leader gets mad at me and kicks me? When you get kicked from LFD you get osrs gold deserter, so I guess you get a timer here too, right? It even better cos there isn even a vote, the guy who made the group can kick you if he wants and boom, 1 day timer.What if the group is just really bad and, even if they can finish the dungeon with a lot of effort, I just don want to deal with that?

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What your total level? I ask because one of the problems with dungeoneering is how often solo players will come across doors that they don have the skill level requirement to open. Behind those skill doors can be keys to other doors and next thing you know you frustrated about taking 15 minutes trying to do a medium dungeon and barely got any xp cuz you couldn

open a bunch of doors. I know the convention is that you supposed to do the higher floors available to you as medium or large. But If your total level isn that high, I would recommend sticking to c6 small for every floor, even the highest ones available to you (unless your doing a med/large in a group where there are maxed players).

Also what does rushing mean to you? Any floor you doing, whether it floor 1 or floor 60, you goal should be to rush. Rushing means kill only what necessary (guardian door, bosses ), open every door you can and end the dungeon as soon as you done. Never skip opening a door. Opening all doors is worth a lot more than the 13% indicated on the winterface.

My total lvl is around 1600 on a fairly new acc and my dung lvl is now 89. It will be my first 99. I dung solo up to floor 30 and find a large group for the remaining floors. If I doing it solo, I always stick to c6 smalls and can usually finish them in about 5 mins or less by using gatestones and group gatestones efficiently. Get used to using both of them if you don already. Also Make sure you have 64+ mage and 54+ runecrafting so you can use group gatestone teleport and make law runes.

The course was tough, especially the first third because the proofs were noticeably more advanced than in MAT137. I not sure who teaching it these days but I was lucky enough to take it with Tyler Holden. I recommend taking it with whichever prof explains concepts best. What I did to succeed in the course was attend most of Tyler office hours. There he would help students solve the "big list" questions and that really helped me strengthen my understanding of the material.
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