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And the final outcome of this four hundred kilometer race was just as Mu Yuesheng wished.


div>No one beat anyone. They were attempting to beat each other, but no one succeeded. Instead, they had defeated themselves numerous times!

  Shi Xiaobai felt that his Crab Steps had improved a notch once again. Although he was still far from the "Crest of Perfection" realm, there was an obvious improvement.

  As for Mu Yuesheng's 'Lightning Steps' she used around the bends, it was constantly improving from the realm of "Familiarized Proficiency". She was almost at the threshold of "Exemplary Mastery".

  There was no loser, as both of them were winners.

  Yama Minamiya was rather satisfied with this. Despite being usually unsmiling, his face was now all smiles.

  As Mu Yuesheng exceeded Shi Xiaobai by one round at the beginning, Shi Xiaobai was still lagging one lap behind her after she was done with her hundredth lap.

  At that moment, Mu Yuesheng did not quickly find a spot to continue her Cogitation as per usual. Instead, she began 'wasting time' by standing in her spot and watch Shi Xiaobai finish running his last lap.

  At the last lap, Shi Xiaobai passed by Wen Hezheng. Tales of the Legendary Scholar The fat chick was panting and her footsteps were turning heavy. She was on the brink of collapsing, but she had only finished twenty laps.

  Shi Xiaobai ran past Kevin. At that moment, the blond youth's breathing was disorderly. His speed was much slower, and he had only run thirty laps.

   I Really Want Go Against The Sky When Shi Xiaobai approached the finish line, Mu Yuesheng nodded her head at him before she prepared to leave.

  Yama Minamiya immediately walked up in preparation to check Shi Xiaobai's physical condition. Shi Xiaobai was clearly suppressing his limits!

  But at this moment, Shi Xiaobai made a surprising move!

  Shi Xiaobai did not stop at the finish line. Under Mu Yuesheng's surprised gaze and Yama Minamiya's cry, he continued running his hundred and first lap!

  With firm steps, without any breaks or slowing down, he began running his hundred and first lap!

  What was...Shi Xiaobai doing?

  Mu Yuesheng and Yama Minamiya were completely puzzled. At the same time, they fixated their sights on Shi Xiaobai.

  The truth was quickly revealed.

  When Shi Xiaobai passed by Wen Hezheng, he dropped his speed to its lowest.

  He patted Wen Hezheng, who was about to faint from exhaustion, on the shoulder heavily and shouted loudly, "Come on!"

  After cheering her on, Shi Xiaobai charged forward once again.

  At that moment, Yama Minamiya and Mu Yuesheng were moved by Shi Xiaobai's actions.

  Yama Minamiya said, "What a good child."

  Mu Yuesheng said, "A truly worthy opponent."

  The person who was most moved was Wen Hezheng. She was extremely touched as an inexplicable force welled up inside her. With Shi Xiaobai's cheering her on, she felt that she was given energy to persist on!

  Hey? It seems like...I fucking have more strength now?

  Wen Hezheng stared, surprised to realize that her exhausted body now had the energy to run a bit more. Although there was only a tiny bit of energy, it was a true existence.

  Ah, was this the power of being touched?

  This was Lord Shi Xiaobai's cheering dance?

  At this moment, Wen Hezheng was able to take another stride!


  Shi Xiaobai, who quickly finished his one hundred and first lap, had his eyes burning and laughing in his heart.

  He had finally found an ingenious method to train his Massage Technique of God!

  Now, there was an infinitely tired fat chick that was in desperate need of energy waiting for his Massage Technique of God to restore her!

  That heavy pat and light pinch lasted only for a moment, so the amount of energy restored was still relatively minute.

  But from the looks of it, he could do it another few hundre

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